As a pharmaceutical specialist for more than 20 years, I am aware that what is put on the skin is just as important as what is put in the body. I personally struggled with sensitive dry skin for several years.  Fed up with the amount of money I spent investing into products that just did not work, I began to research ingredients to repair dry sensitive skin.   After many years of research, I developed a non-toxic skincare collection with people like you in mind.  

Our mission is to create holistic bath and body products that help maintain skin health. We strive to empower others with an alternative to the commercial brands we grew up on. Because our products are hand-made, each one is unique, just as we all are!

Our all-natural products are plant-based, beneficial for all skin types, hand-crafted, and non-toxic. Since the beginning of civilization herbs have aided in self-healing, so let your personal care be your medicine and your medicine be your personal care.






We handcraft our products with vitamins A & E to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, get rid of acne, relieve symptoms from eczema, reduce signs of aging and even skin tone.
Body Therapy Co is a luxury, clean, and organic vegan skincare brand.
Body Therapy Co. delivers harmony & balance to your skin with clean ingredients.
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